Aluminum Blind Rivets


These Blind rivets are made in the following sizes, both the Eyelet and the Mandrel are made from Aluminum. Should you require specific design, kindly contact our sales department and they shall assist you accordingly.
* These figures could be changed without any notice, should you require specific details kindly contact our sales department.

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Aluminum Blind Rivets
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Rivet Specification Table

Aluminum Blind Rivets M

D1 (mm)
L (mm)
D2 (mm)
Flange Diameter
Hole Diameter Ø (mm) Grip Range (mm)
4 6 8 4 1/5 – 3/2
8 3/2 – 6/4
10 6/4 – 9/5
12 9/5 – 12/7

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